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To download the report “Rising Threats - Time to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity Posture” by Omdia, please tell us more about yourself.

As businesses rapidly digitise their systems and processes, cybersecurity preparedness may lag because the rate of tracked incidents increases across a continually growing attack surface.

Overreliance on a non-integrated, reactive, tool-dominated security approach, coupled with security staff shortages and burnout, puts many firms in a precarious position. It is time to reassess cyber-risks amidst digital transformation and reevaluate security postures across your organisation’s evolved digital value chain, including third-party suppliers, hybrid cloud and staff. 

In collaboration with Omdia, this report offers a look into Omdia’s annual 2022 IT Enterprise Insights Survey, 2022 Cybersecurity Decision Makers Survey and Digital Enterprise Services 2022 Security Survey, with a focus on EMEA, North Asia and South Asia regions. It also contains recommendations from Omdia experts.